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contact us & links to other kewl sites

Hi if you have any questions, comments, or you have some photos of the ANZIO, and / or of the crew, or from the past reunions that you'd like added to the site, please contact someone from the list of email addresses or phone #'s you see below

If you have any questions in regards to the reunion
contact Maurice E. (Charlie) Charles by phone at
(972) 418-6057

click here to email Cecil Noennich

click here if you have a question for the designer of the website

Below are the links to some WW II websites. You'll find them to be both fun & educational. If you know of a website that should be on our links list, please send us the address of the site and we will post the link (once it's been checked out to make sure it meets the criteria, or isn't a dead link)

a very useful link to WW II websites

a small site, but a well done site

a well rounded WW II website

another useful website with many WW II website links

a small but very informative site

a site strictly for memorials of WW II

very informative site

links to some very informative WW II websites

quite a few links to other WW II websites

website about WW II planes

Below is a few pictures of my wife (Diane) & myself (Cecil Noennich)

Cecil & Diane
Cecil wearing the Navy blues he made

Cecil & Diane
picture taken 2005

Cecils Awards

Below is a photograph of the balsa wood model of the USS ANZIO that Cecil designed from scratch. Now  being displayed at the USS Lexington Bay Museum

balsa wood model of the USS ANZIO

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