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Welcome to the home page of our USS ANZIO CORAL SEA CVE-57 website. We want to have a informative site that will  give you the viewer,  some idea of what it was like serving on the USS ANZIO.
It is also in honor of military men who risk/risked their lives on a daily basis so that we may continue to live in freedom.
We will try to keep all accounts as accurate as possible. If you notice a mistake that has been made, please contact us in regards to the item in question. We will amend the site as quickly as possible. Thanks for visiting our website and god bless

besides the home page, there will be links to 4 other pages in regards to the USS ANZIO CORAL SEA CVE-57. Below i will list the 4 pages and give a general description of what each page will be doing.
Page 1 - the reunion, roster info,& pix
This page will have the original rosters of all who served aboard the USS ANZIO CORAL SEA CVE-57 It will have any information about upcoming reunions or events & pictures from past reunions
Page 2 - specs & documentation
This Page will have the specs on the USS ANZIO CORAL SEA CVE-57, it will also show where & when the ANZIO served in battle, and personal stories as told by the people who served on her, and excerpts from the captains logs.
Page 3 - war pix
This page will have photos of the carrier, it's planes, and the crew during the war.
Page 4 - contact us & links to other WW II sites
This page you will be able to contact us in regards to this site if you have any questions, comments, or ideas about the website. We will also have links that you will be able to launch that will take you to other cool WW II sites or informative sites we have found in the making of our own website
To go to a page, just click on the text name of the page you want below

roster, reunion info, & pix

specifications & documentation

war pix

contact us & other site links

The USS ANZIOS mascot
he actually was on the carrier with us

This website has been designed & will be maintained by Dennis McFann
though i personally never served in the military, i have made this site for someone that served on the USS ANZIO. He is Cecil Noennich, a man that i am very proud to say is my friend. Please feel free to contact either of us with any questions, comments, or suggestions you have that will improve our site. Thank you

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